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Image-guided Biopsies

Interventional radiology is a helpful diagnostic and treatment tool used to evaluate a number of medical conditions, including cancer. We have the latest technology available right here in our office, with the capability to perform needle biopsies of the thyroid, liver and kidneys.

A needle biopsy involves removing a sample of cells and fluid to be examined for cancer. After numbing your skin, a thin needle is used to withdraw fluid and cells from a problem area. The procedure may be repeated a few times to take samples from different areas of the biopsy site. Thyroid cancer, liver cancer, and renal cancer can be treated with radiation therapy.

Miami’s Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Florida physicians perform thyroid, liver, and renal biopsies as outpatient procedures in a comfortable office setting, where you can avoid the stress and hassle of a typical hospital procedure. We provide world-class interventional radiology biopsy services in a warm and friendly environment where you’ll be treated like family.

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